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Royalty Compliance Audits
Hexagon Associates Recording Artist

Hexagon Associates’ team of experienced Royalty Auditors conduct examinations of royalty and licensee accountings to confirm adherence to contractual terms. Among the industries we cover are music, toys, videos, software, games, books, fashion/apparel, etc.  Our verification includes identification of underpayments as well as inquiry and analysis to protect your intellectual property.  Our team has been extremely effective in settlement negotiations for our clients.  We bring a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary talents to our examinations.  The staff at Hexagon Associates works seamlessly with our clients throughout the auditing process, providing a truly personal service. 

Our Royalty Audit expertise includes:

  • Digital Royalty Audits

  • Publisher Royalty Audits

  • Artist & Producer Audits

  • Licensee Audits

  • Merchandise Audits

  • Webcaster and Broadcaster Audits

  • Litigation Support Services

  • Desk Audits

  • Pre-Audits

  • Audit Rebuttals

  • Settlement Consultation

  • Royalty Audit Consultation (Royalty Audit Feasibility Studies and Program Management)

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