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Media and IP Management Consulting

Hexagon Associates can assist media companies, content owners as well as current and prospective licensees to navigate the maze of managing businesses with intellectual property.  In industries like music, film, and merchandising, our Associates can help you put in place policies and procedures, work flow management routines and design systems, technological or otherwise, to streamline and manage your business to maximize productivity and profitability.  Whether it is the acquisition of an asset or setting up systems to manage the acquired assets and transition, the many years of experience each Hexagon associate has can bring tremendous value to our clients in evaluating, implementing and managing the complex world of intellectual property businesses.  In addition, Hexagon assists licensors and licensees to establish best practices in communicating and reporting to each other. Both parties have a mutual interest in resolving differences in order to keep their business relationships healthy and mutually profitable.  Using our extensive multi-industry experience we can help foster these successful relationships.

Another area of our expertise is turnaround management of media

companies caught in the ever changing dynamics of the economic

cycle, product cycle and technology changes.  Our consulting

services help clients streamline their organizations for optimal

performance, to be ready for whatever the future brings. Our clients

can rely on us to help them through their critical business issues

and position them to thrive in an evolving marketplace. We

customize our solutions to our client’s specific needs.

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